Storylane Features For Teachers


Experience our interactive dashboard​

A dashboard, where you can access a wealth of student activity history, a detailed student list, and captivating graphical representations that track average words and assignments completed by each student. With this comprehensive tool at your fingertips, staying informed and effortlessly tracking student progress becomes a breeze. Dive into insightful analytics and visualizations to gain valuable insights into student performance and engagement, empowering educators to make informed decisions and support student success effectively

Manage Students

Teachers can easily Manage all the student

Teachers benefit from the ease of seamlessly adding and organizing students within their classes. With the ability to modify student information and closely monitor individual progress, educators can stay fully engaged in each student's academic journey. This convenient feature empowers teachers to efficiently manage their classroom dynamics while providing personalized support and guidance to students as they navigate their educational paths.

Manage Class

Class management is very easy with Storylane

Teachers have the capability to add students to their classes and supervise the roster efficiently. This functionality allows educators to maintain control over class enrollment and keep track of student attendance seamlessly. With this convenient feature, teachers can ensure that their classrooms are well-organized and that all students are accounted for, optimizing the learning environment for everyone involved.

Assign Tasks

Assign and Manage new tasks for students

Teachers possess the ability to assign tasks to individual students or the entire class effortlessly. This versatile feature enables educators to tailor assignments to meet the needs of each student or to engage the entire class collectively. With this convenient functionality, teachers can effectively manage coursework distribution, fostering personalized learning experiences and promoting student engagement.

Manage Profile

Profile Setting

Teachers can customize their profile settings based on their preferences and needs. This feature lets educators personalize their profiles to better suit their requirements, improving their overall user experience on the platform. By personalizing their settings, teachers can boost their productivity and enjoyment when using the system, guaranteeing a smooth and personalized experience that caters to their specific likes.

Comments & Review

Encourage students with your Comments

Teachers play a pivotal role in supporting their students' writing journey by offering valuable feedback and encouragement. Through the act of commenting or reviewing their child's book, guardians can contribute significantly to the enhancement of their writing skills and overall development. This active engagement fosters a collaborative learning environment, empowering children to refine their writing abilities and achieve greater proficiency with each iteration.