Storylane Features For Guardians


Experience our interactive dashboard

Get ready to dive into an amazing Interactive Dashboard that offers a wide range of books to explore. It's a fantastic opportunity for you and your child to embark on a literary journey together. With story writing for kids in English, you can discover new stories and genres that are carefully selected to captivate young minds and inspire a love for reading. Stay connected and witness your child's progress as they delve into this enriching adventure. This captivating platform will unleash their imagination and ignite a lifelong passion for learning through the power of books.

Manage children

Child Management​

Easily incorporate one or multiple children and authenticate their information with our intuitive platform for parents. Monitor your child's development, manage their details, and maintain a comprehensive record of the books they're engaging with—all seamlessly integrated for effortless tracking and updates.

explore library

Library detail page

Embark on an exploration through a wide variety of collections sourced from numerous publishers, allowing you to curate the perfect selection of books for your child's dashboard. Preview, purchase, and assign books effortlessly, while seamlessly monitoring your child's reading journey at every turn. With user-friendly tools and extensive monitoring capabilities, you can guarantee a customized and rewarding reading journey that perfectly suits your child's interests and developmental requirements.

Comment & Review

Encourage your child by Comments & Review

Guardians play a crucial role in nurturing their child's writing journey by offering valuable feedback and support. Through commenting or reviewing their child's book, guardians can contribute to enhancing their writing skills and fostering improvement. This active engagement not only encourages the child's creativity but also provides constructive guidance, empowering them to refine their writing abilities and achieve greater proficiency.