Collaboration with publishers


We’re exploring potential collaborations with publishers to showcase their books in our library. Through Storylane, guardians and teachers gain access to browse and select books to assign to children. Moreover, children are empowered to independently choose books and utilize images as prompts to inspire their own storytelling adventures. This partnership enhances the breadth of available literature while offering a dynamic platform for children to engage with stories creatively.

This partnership offers significant benefits to publishers by offering children a platform for creative writing. Moreover, users have the convenience of purchasing books directly from the library, which contributes to increased sales for publishers featured on our platform. This collaborative approach promotes both literacy and commerce, creating a win-win situation for all stakeholders involved.

Publisher High Level Benefits


Minimal effort

Minimal effort for participation.


Potential outlet

Potential outlet to test new stories to get a feel for desired degree of investment.


Readily available links

Readily available links for purchasing of the complete book(for families working with either the illustrations or the text).


Provides life and free direct advertising

Provides life and free direct advertising to new audiences to either front- or backlist properties by exposing your target audience to either the beautiful illustrations or the moving stories – but they cannot access both at the same time.

Overview on Scriptive/Publisher Relationship

  • Provide secure transmission of stories and illustrations in InDesign format that the publisher has sufficient IP rights to allow for scriptive use.
  • Provide links for customer purchase path.
  • Keep Scriptive informed of best-estimate value delivery.
  • Make accepted partner stories & illustrations available to families through Scriptive products (currently WriteStories and DrawStories).
  • Protect partner IP through customer contracts and security & monitoring tools.
  • Set up customer accessible systems of favoriting and purchase click-throughs with metrics visible to IP-owning partners.
  • Provide free access to early adopting publisher partners.

Opportunities for Book Publishers

Freemium to Publishing

Freemium is a business model in which a company offers limited features to users at no cost and then charges a premium for supplemental or advanced features



Publishers Have To Be On Guard Against IP Theft, e.g.  Reading A Children’s Book On YouTube -> Reduced Demand For The Book Itself.


Scriptive Delivers Freemium Advertising For Children’s Book Publishers That Increases Demand For Their Books:

  • Children And Parents Get Direct Exposure To Either Beautiful Illustrations (WriteStories) or Compelling Stories (DrawStories) -- But Never Together.
  • If They Are Moved By One Or the Other, They Can Have the Full Book Experience Only Through Purchasing the Book Through A Readily Available Link.
  • No Longer Dependent On Retailers, Contests, Library Committees, etc. to Reach the Targeted Audience With Moving Stories and Illustrations.

Scriptive Enhanced ROI

  • If Arranged With the Author, Before Publishing or Even Committing To Publish, Publishers Could Submit Stories to DrawStories (and/or Illustrations to WriteStories) To Monitor: Percent Favoriting Those Illustrations or that Story, Number of Click-Throughs to Pre-order Site
  • Publishers Could Get Quick Market Feedback Before Committing to Publish. Reduce Risk, Reduced Unnecessary Capital Outlay, Provides Add-itional Promotional Evidence to Retail-ers & Libraries
  • No Illustrations Necessary to Put Into DrawStories for Consumer Feedback.